What Jeffrey Tambor’s former students are saying about his class

“I have been a working actor for many years, and subsequently started my own acting studio in Los Angeles – in large part because of his encouragement I received in Jeffrey’s workshops. Anybody lucky enough to study and work with Jeffrey will change; change the way they think about their work, themselves, and what they have to contribute to the larger conversation that all artists must engage in.
Just go. You’ll thank me.”

Michael Laskin
Actor | Writer | Instructor


“Jeffrey invited me into his workshop and it changed my life. I sat in the very back row, and from the very first moments I thought to myself this man is speaking directly to me. He’s the first adult artist I’d ever met, and one of the first people to see the artist in me. I began to bring scene, after scene, after scene, into that electrifying environment. It was powerful what was happening in that little theater, for me, and for anyone else who was fortunate enough to have been apart of it. From those days forward, I knew what to call myself. I knew what I was.”

William Francis Hoffman
Cal in Camo


“Studying with Jeffrey Tambor for over a decade has been more than career building; it has been life changing. The lessons he imparts have stayed with me and I use them on a daily basis. Jeffrey develops many tools for his students to use including imagination, self-examination, and finding that unexpected choice. His no-nonsense, “just do it” advice along with reminders to be a person, a real, whole authentic person are priceless tools for a creative life.”

Leslie Zemeckis
Actress | Producer, Behind the Burly Q, Bound by Flesh, Mabel, Mabel, Tiger Trainer


“Jeffrey and his workshop brought the joy of acting back into my life. Through his guidance, I was able to shed the weighted cloak of technique — and release my imagination into the NOW. This moment— to be totally free and out of my head. Jeffrey taught me not to settle—to only seek transcendence in my work and in my life. He mentors his students with love and a fierce dedication to the art form. To be acting and discovering in front of Jeffrey is someplace that I always want to be.”

Larry Clarke
Director, Three Days with Dad