Movie Pre-show


Advertise your Business with us!

Advertise specifically to our lobby and movie audiences with a “pre-show” commercial ad which runs before the published start time of all performances (on lobby monitor) or before first-run movies (on the big screen).  It is a unique and economical way to advertise your business with a :15 or :30 spot to an audience that is sure to see your ad.


Lobby and Movie Pre-Show Advertising Prices


15 Second Billboard

(up to three still images)

30 Second Video Spot

(stills or video edited to music with graphics or voice over)

One Month Run



Two Month Run

$375/ month;  total:$750

$500/ month;  total: $1,000

Three Month Run

$325/ month;  total:$975

$400/ month;  total: $1,200

Six Month Run

$275/month:  total: $1,650

$300/month  total: $1,800

1 Year Run


$150/month  total: $1,800


$200/month  total: $2,400

*receive a discount if paid in full

Pre-produced video spots (either :15 spot or :30 spot) must be submitted on VHS, Betacam, DVD or Digital Video.

As a service, we can produce an ad for you.  A fee of $175 per hour is charged to cover our editing costs.  Approvals sent to clients after edits are billed at $75 each. There is no cost for production time.  We request at least 4 still shots in the form of high resolution JPEGS—any low resolution images will become pixilated on the large screen.  Slides cannot be used.

Movie pre-show ads are due the 20th of the month prior to the start of your run. 

All pre-produced videos should be submitted to The Ridgefield Playhouse, 80 East Ridge,

Ridgefield, CT  06877. Attention:  Movie Pre-Show Advertising.   

All still shots can be emailed as .jpeg to